Katie + Ali

I LOVE this couple! They are some of the sweetest people. When I met them for the first time, our hour-long meet ended up being closer to three hours. This was their engagement session and I cannot wait to shoot their wedding this spring!



World Day of Listening is coming up so quickly (October 21), so I thought now would be an appropriate time to share this shoot. Ben started a nonprofit called Urban Confessional with one objective in mind. Listen. That's it. Ever just needed to say something out loud and felt better after you did? That's what UC does. They aren't therapists, they are just normal people who take time to stand on random street corners around the world and listen to whomever needs to talk. Also... they got new shirts!! :) Check them out!! http://urbanconfessional.org 


Ok. So I'm doing this... I'm BLOGGING!! **Yikes** I was going to start with a recent beautiful Hawaiian wedding. I even wrote part of a paragraph. Then I stalled and didn't write anything more for weeks! **insert any number of those embarrassed face emojis** I say that to say, writing is not my thing. But I do think there is value in showing a set of photos from a session. It gives a more well-rounded view of what a shoot really entails.

I have high hopes. I want to video some behind the scenes, and share in this forum consistently. But for now, I decided to start small, figure this thing out a bit, then share lengthier posts like weddings and events. Thanks for enduring with me as I figure this out! 

This set is from an engagement session in San Diego, CA. The little weather app on my phone said rain. Rain wasn't what we were going for in this shoot! After talking through it, we decided to go ahead with it and take our chances. SO glad we did! The weather was perfect the entire time (the sun even poked out for like 2 shots!). Then it completely poured on the way home! **phew**

Here are Kaeli and Shane's photos... Enjoy! :)

K A E L I  +  S H A N E